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Steering Knuckle SimApp™

A steering knuckle is an integral component of any vehicle, and the design of a knuckle has to consider a multitude of factors.  Designers have to consider the use of the vehicle when designing a steering knuckle, the environment it will be used in, size & shape, material of use and potential connection points.  Given all of these parameters and the wide use cases they can cover, designing a complex component can be a lengthy iterative process.

With the Comet Solutions Steering Knuckle SimApp™, engineers can now automate repetitive tasks that used to take up a bulk of the time, and instead focus more of their effort on optimizing the design for the task at hand.  It is deployed as a web application that can quickly analyze multiple designs in a similar fashion.  By using a Comet Template, developed by Finite Element Analysis experts, the user can configure any and all results and reports they wish to generate, and the SimApp™ will re-produce consistent results every time it is run.  Utilizing parametric CAD, the SimApp™ allows users to run different analyses, shortening the design process and helping meet the demanding production schedules often faced.  The SimApp™ allows for direct design alterations, eliminating the need for the back and forth between CAD packages and Finite Element Analysis programs.


  • Allows non-experts the ability to run analyses with confidence.
  • Completely automated process; predefined templates guide the analysis.
  • Results are compiled and reports can be generated completely automatically.
  • Explicit control over nearly any geometric feature, allowing for design changes with minimal time impact.


  • Model preparation time reduced dramatically.
  • Various configurations and designs can be studied in rapid succession.
  • Consistency is obtained across the board, as standard inputs can be determined, as well as a standard results format for easy and consistent interpretation.