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Metallic Seal Calculator SimApp™

Metallic seals are generally used in extreme applications where the performance of conventional seals (elastomeric or polymeric) is inadequate. Aerospace, power generation, oil & gas, and automotive are a few of the major industries in need of these types of seals. They can sustain far greater loads and provide better resiliency during wide variations in pressure and temperature. And unlike elastomer or rubber seals, metallic seals are manufactured to precise dimensions with tight tolerances, and the fit into the cavity is critical. Analyzing the behavior and validating the performance of each seal becomes a necessity to ensure its desired pressure and temperature capabilities.

Comet Solutions has created a Metallic Seal Calculator SimApp™ that lets users select their seal within a library, change their defining dimensions, and analyze the new design by submitting it to a series of pressure and temperature loads simulating the various operating modes. In collaboration with engineering experts in the Aerospace industry, a Comet intelligent template was developed to ensure the latest methods were captured and embedded. This template was then deployed using Comet’s Web Interface to a large audience of designers who needed to include metallic seals in their designs and allowed them to safely perform these complicated simulations.


  • Simple, easy to use Web interface that non-experts can use.
  • Standardized and enforced nomenclature and best practices, across the global organization
  • Fully automated, from seal design selection and loading to report generation.
  • Does not require the involvement of experts, while ensuring their methods are being applied.
  • Library of seals can easily be extended to include new design families.


  • Designers and engineers are able to rapidly configure and validate metallic designs
  • Reduction of >80% in model preparation, results extraction and report generation time for each design iteration and loading scenario.