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Gearbox Housing SimApp

“The Comet Gearbox Housing SimApp will allow gear and bearing CAE engineers to focus more time on reviewing static and dynamic analysis results, rather than meshing complex CAD models. The automated meshing and optimization features for flexible structures will allow a drivetrain system approach to be implemented for gear and bearing performance more easily than ever before.”
Brian Wilson, Advanced Drivetrain Engineering & Technology (ADET)

Traditionally, companies have expertise in various drivetrain component disciplines, such as gears, bearings, shafts, and housings. Balancing the component requirements into the drivetrain system integration process can be challenging. Even more concerning, as companies expand their global engineering footprint drivetrain systems work is often performed in multiple locations, with the component expertise often diluted or unavailable.

Comet promotes a systems-level engineering approach by allowing engineers to run simulations that span across various disciplines without the need to have a local component or system expert supervise the analysis work. Capturing and extending expert design guides and criteria empowers the entire global organization by aligning to predetermined quality standards for drivetrain system performance. This will have significant ramifications throughout the industry and Comet is uniquely positioned to provide the automation platform to support this.


  • Allows non-experts the ability to run analyses with confidence.
  • Completely automated process; predefined templates guide the analysis.
  • Results are compiled and reports can be generated completely automatically.
  • Explicit control over nearly any geometric feature, allowing for faster and more efficient design changes


  • Model preparation time reduced dramatically.
  • Various configurations and designs can be studied in rapid succession.
  • Consistency is obtained across the board, as standard inputs can be determined, as well as a standard results format for easy and consistent interpretation.