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Gearbox Durability SimApp

“The Comet Gearbox Durability SimApp changes the way we think about CAE analysis tools for drivetrain products. The days of overloading a single CAE power user in your organization with drivetrain CAE work orders will be transformed into providing access for simple durabilty and efficiency calculations to the entire engineering and sales work force. Not only does this allow an organization to leverage better use of expensive software, but will also free up the power user to focus on more important tasks.”
Brian Wilson, Advanced Drivetrain Engineering & Technology (ADET)


Developed in cooperation with Comet Solutions’ technology partner, ADET (Advanced Drivetrain Engineering and Technology) and utilizing SMT’s (Smart Manufacturing Technology) Masta suite of gearbox analysis tools, Comet’s new Gearbox Durability SimApp will provide gearbox OEM companies the means for any global technical or non-technical employee to perform basic durability evaluations of various gearbox system designs. By loading a specific duty-cycle into the Gearbox Durability SimApp, a Technical Sales Representative, or a Field Service Engineer, for example would be able to quickly and efficiently run an automated durability analysis of the entire gearbox system, including the effects of housing, shaft and bearing deflections.

Often, gearbox OEMs do not always have specific details regarding how customers will use their products in the field.  As a sales enabler, the non-engineering sales staff will have the ability to demonstrate durability performance to prospective customers by entering custom duty cycles representative of actual field usage, independent of their internal engineering staff. This new SimApp allows quick turn-around time regarding product capabilities, empowering the gearbox OEM in the market, while also providing feedback to the engineering team for refinement of future designs.


  • Allows non-experts the ability to run analyses with confidence.
  • Completely automated process; predefined templates guide the analysis.
  • Results are compiled and reports can be generated completely automatically, accessing the SimApp via a PC, tablet or iPhone


  • Various product configurations and designs can be studied in rapid succession. Find the right product for your unique application very quickly
  • Consistency is obtained across the board, as standard inputs can be determined, as well as a standard results format for easy and consistent interpretation.