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Flat Spring Calculator SimApp™

Electronics components often are assembled together using flat springs, especially designed to provide a given stiffness while fitting within a confined space, and also providing easy access to an operator. While different families of designs exists, designers need the ability to customize the dimensions of each spring, and verify that it will provide the desired stiffness under a particular load.

Comet Solutions, in collaboration with a major designer and maker of microprocessors, designed a web-deployed SimAppTM to allow designers and non-expert users to safely perform these simulations.  The web application embeds a Comet Intelligent template that ensures the engineering best practices developed by the company’s experts are captured and applied. Users can choose the design from a library of existing springs, but they also are able to upload and validate their own designs.

Web-deployed SimAppsTM are ideal tools to increase the usage of simulation tools within an organization without increasing the need for supplemental expertise. In many case, it allows the experts to focus their attention to complicated, low volume simulations that require their focus and know-how, delegating the high volume, repeatable simulations directly to the users and decision makers who need the results of these simulations but do not need to know the engineering details that define how the simulation is performed.


  • Simulations follow validated methods, using established processes and guidelines.
  • Easy to use, web-deployed interface
  • Standard, automatic reporting of results.
  • Once deployed, does not require the involvement of expert analysts.
  • Is not limited to existing design variations within a family of springs.


  • Engineers and designers are able to rapidly configure and validate each spring design.
  • Reduction of >80% in model preparation, results extraction and report generation time for each design iteration and loading scenario