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Electronics Reliability SimApp™

The performance and long-term reliability of electronic boards depend upon good structural and thermal design and robust electrical contacts. A number of field failures can be traced to failures in the electrical contacts and welds during routine transportation (due to vibrations) or drop tests. With miniaturization of micro-electronics and ongoing demand for even smaller product form, these failures are more likely to occur.

The Electronics Reliability SimApp™ automates the shaker table dynamics virtual testing of semiconductor circuit boards. While the current implementation focuses on the dynamic structural analysis of the board, we have also demonstrated expert methods for coupled thermal and structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA) embedded in a Comet intelligent template, to simulate both mechanical vibrations as well as thermal cycling. This SimApp™ makes it easy for engineers and designers, not just CAE experts, to perform sophisticated engineering analysis in order to arrive at a design that works.


  • Fully automated – user selects the shaker table configuration and the chips to be used, and runs the analysis
  • Standardized and enforced nomenclature and best practices, across the global organization
  • Can be made accessible remotely via Web
  • Does not need experts
  • Fully automated results extraction and report generation


  • Board designers are able to rapidly configure a circuit board design with minimal manual effort and test the design under adverse conditions
  • Standardization of nomenclature, finite element model generation and key results extraction across the global organization
  • Reduction of >80% in model preparation, results extraction and report generation time for each design iteration and thermal scenario
  • With full automation, engineers and designers are able to perform Design Space Exploration (parameter studies, Design-Of-Experiments, optimization) that includes geometry and product configuration changes