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Coil Spring Calculator SimApp™

A well-designed spring is a critical component in any system and the design of a spring has to be given careful consideration.  Because they are used in a tremendous amount of applications, no two spring designs are equal.  With the amount of variables involved, engineers are always looking for ways to streamline the process of designing and iterating upon springs.

The Comet Coil Spring Calculator SimApp™ is able to do just that.  Utilized in a web-based application, the underlying Comet Template developed and integrated by Finite Element Analysis experts, can help perform various analyses, such as cost estimation, on coil springs of almost any shape.  With the built in versatility of the SimApp™, multiple geometry configurations, materials, loading conditions and production parameters are able to be controlled and customized by the user.  The SimApp™ automates the repetitive tasks for the user such as meshing, loading and results generation, saving time and ensuring repeatability and accuracy.


  • Fully automated process, as underlying templates perform the tasks.
  • Produces easy to read results in a standardized format.
  • Web-based format means it’s accessible from nearly anywhere.


  • Various configurations and designs can be studied in rapid succession.
  • Consistency is obtained across the board, as standard inputs can be determined, as well as a standard results format for easy and consistent interpretation.