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Build Your Own SimApp™

Using Comet’s SimApp Authoring Workspace for rapid SimApp development, you can automate and standardize the CAE workflows most important to your organization. Comet, its many partners and customers can author proprietary SimApps.

The Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace establishes a single environment to build, analyze, and optimize a single functional model for a product system that is “abstracted” from the details of FEA, Multibody Dynamics, and other tools. Using these simulation tools requires deep knowledge of the unique and complex ways they refer to and represent the components and functionality of your product – they can only be used directly by the experts. With Comet’s SimApps, non-experts can use these tools easily to perform complex simulations.

Leveraging the Comet Abstract Engineering Model (AEM®) at its core, the Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace enables engineers to:

  • Automate design & modeling tasks to enable “what if?” studies (Design Space Exploration)
  • Evaluate the impact of design changes
  • Encapsulate and share modeling & analysis “best practice”
  • Deploy automated best practice SimApps™ via web-browser
  • Collaborate with design & engineering colleagues more effectively

Using the Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace you can automate many repetitive and tedious design and modeling tasks, allowing more time for your team to optimize your products. You can capture the “expert knowledge” of your specialists in reusable process and methods templates that can be deployed consistently and reliably to your entire engineering community.

And, the Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace provides a common environment for the entire team to work together, collaborating to improve performance and sharing their results.