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Bottle Crush SimApp™

Makers of plastic containers now recognize that finite element analysis is a useful tool in the design and manufacture of bottles, jugs and other assorted blow molded plastic containers. Potential for savings include eliminating proto-type iterations, eliminating product redesigns (or enabling more of them in the same amount of time), cutting analysis time, and optimizing designs thereby saving material. However, not all organizations have the luxury of a dedicated FEA department for such analyses.

The Comet Bottle Testing SimApp™ uses an intelligent template to automate pressure and crush testing of a fluid filled bottle. Expert methods for nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) have been captured and embedded in the Comet intelligent template, harnessing the power of sophisticated CAE technology in an easy to use application, suitable for use by everyone from design engineer to expert.


  • Fully automated – user configures the bottle and runs simulations
  • Single, consistent Systems Repository for bottle geometry variations
  • Standardized and enforced nomenclature and best practices, across the global organization
  • Can be made accessible remotely via Web
  • Does not need experts
  • Fully automated results extraction and report generation


  • Engineers are able to rapidly configure bottle designs
  • Reduction of >80% in model preparation, results extraction and report generation time for each design iteration and loading scenario