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Comet Solutions builds industry and solution-focused simulation applications called SimApps™ that can be tailored to your particular needs and best practices, and deployed on your engineers’ desktops or via a web browser.  Our customers have seen significant benefits from using Comet SimApps™, including efficiency gains of 75-90%, data and simulation process consistency, and significant reduction in manual errors – see various Customer Success Stories. By embedding expert knowledge and methods, but removing the complexity of general purpose CAE tools, SimApps™ make simulation safely available for use by everyone from CAE experts to design engineers.

The following are some examples of SimApps™ – hover over each image to learn more. Let us work with you to create a set of SimApps™ that are tailored for your specific needs and capture your simulation best practices!

The key Comet framework capabilities that unlock this power are the Abstract Engineering Model (AEM®) and Intelligent Templates. Using purpose-built templates and parametric analysis models, we build and deploy solutions that capture and globally roll-out your simulation best practices; automating repetitive and tedious tasks, while putting the power of sophisticated simulation (CAE analysis) robustly and safely into the hands of both experts and non-experts alike.

Please contact our sales team at 248.766.2329 or send email to to find out more about SimApps and how we can help you implement and deploy them within your global organization.