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Comet Solutions and its certified partners provide training to help new (non-expert) and experienced users alike to better utilize the Comet SimApp Authoring Workspace to create SimApps that solve engineering problems robustly and safely. Courses are presented in a workshop format, combining lectures, group discussions and hands-on-tutorials, either on-site or at Comet facilities.

The Comet SimApp Authoring Workspace is an intuitive, highly usable environment in which SimApps are readily created following standard training, delivered at your site, at a Comet Solutions office location, or online via web meetings.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist with your engineering, simulation and business challenges.

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Whether you’re looking for help using Comet software, or more information on how Comet SimApps™ can improve your business, our global staff is ready to help.

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