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SimApp Development

SimApps are targeted, simple to use, web-deployed simulation applications that allow members of sales and product teams, who are not experts in the use of simulation tools (such as Abaqus or ANSYS), to perform complex simulations, safely and robustly. These SimApps answer particular questions about the design of a member of a product family, at a particular level of modeling fidelity. For example, what is the energy that is absorbed by an automotive bumper beam when it crashes head on against an IIHS barrier at 10 mph. One SimApp might answer this question rapidly, using simple calculations programmed into an Excel spreadsheet, while another SimApp might take a lot longer to provide a much more accurate and detailed answer, in glorious color, in 3-D, using complex finite element calculations that the user of the SimApp knows nothing about!

The Comet SimApp Authoring Workspace is an enterprise-class, vendor-neutral, highly-scalable process automation platform that is built specifically for CAE/Simulation. This workspace is used to develop the Intelligent (simulation) Templates that are at the core of the SimApps. Comet Solutions, our many partners, and the experts at our customers’ sites build these templates using the Workspace. The Workspace leverages the power of the Comet Abstract Engineering Model (AEM®) as the foundation for the creation of the Intelligent Templates. The rules of the experts are captured within the template in a manner that allows the templates to be executed across a broad range of design changes, across the entire product family.

Comet’s experts, our partners and customers have built, tested, and deployed an extensive library of SimApps that capture and enforce simulation best practices, automate repetitive and tedious tasks, and put the power of sophisticated CAE analysis safely into the hands of both experts and non-experts alike.  With the Workspace, many useful SimApps containing sophisticated templates with extensive sets of rules and safeguards have been created in days or weeks – using the current programming-centric approach, it takes months or longer to create such templates.

When the Intelligent Templates are executed, they generate the model files required for the underlying tools and then execute those tools. The template is independent from the underlying CAD and CAE tools, leaving you the flexibility to select the design and analysis software of your choice, including:

  • PTC Wildfire & Creo
  • Siemens NX
  • ANSYS SpaceClaim
  • MSC Nastran
  • MSC Adams
  • Abaqus
  • LS-Dyna
  • Microsoft Excel
  • …and many others.

Working closely with leading organizations in many industries and incorporating the know-how of recognized domain experts in their fields, Comet Solutions and its partners and customers have developed many SimApps™ that deliver proven business value – years of expertise and knowledge are built into each.  A small sampling of the applications we’ve developed include:

Aerospace:   EO Sensor Analysis SimApp

Automotive:  Driveline SimApp

Consumer Packaged Goods:  Bottle Drop Analysis SimApp

Heavy Equipment:  Hydraulic Rod Assembly SimApp

Electronics:  Electronics Reliability SimApp

Our experts can help to develop SimApps that support your own product system design & analysis processes, incorporating your best practices into them. These SimApps would empower your entire product team.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your product development process to be more effective.