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Comet, together with its partners, offers webinars on the use of Simulation Applications in product development.  Delivered by the industry’s leading experts, webinars are free to attend and cover topics of interest to the simulation community.

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Empowering Gearbox Product Development with Simulation Apps
April 28, 2016
Capturing and embedding the experience of expert Gearbox Analysts within Comet SimApps allows non-expert users of complex CAE technology to safely and effectively run analysis.  For example, by loading a specific duty-cycle into the Comet Gearbox Durability SimApp, manufacturers can run an automated durability analysis of the entire gearbox system, including the effects of housing, shaft and bearing deflections – all independent of CAE teams.

Simulation Governance: Risk Mitigation
February 25, 2016
Many engineering decisions may not involve direct CAE feedback due to the perceived risks associated with using model predictions to validate that the design meets the requirements. The CAE community often does not provide a quantitative confidence level related to the simulation back to the customer.In this talk, the speakers will present the business opportunities for companies in quantifying simulation capability. Statistical methods to characterize uncertainties in both experimental and simulation outcomes will be discussed.

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everybody Webinar Series
In this educational webinar, hosted by, Malcolm Panthaki of Comet Solutions demonstrates how forward-thinking manufacturers are improving innovation, quality, and profitability by leveraging the knowledge and experience of expert analysts using Simulation Applications. These SimApps capture and extend CAE expertise, and empower even non-experts to quickly and safely perform complex simulations.
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Democratizing CAE
NAFEMS Webinar Series: 1 of 4
Learn how CAE Analysis is being deployed to a broadening group of users throughout product development using template-based simulation applications.

Democratization: Expert Knowledge Capture & Reuse
NAFEMS Webinar Series: 2 of 4
This webinar further explores CAE Democratization by shedding light on practical examples of automation templates and simulation apps at work. Real-world examples and associated ROI are also presented.

Democratization: Usability
NAFEMS Webinar Series: 3 of 4
To ensure usage and success, simulation applications be highly-usable; speaking the language of the user and not the simulation expert.  This webinar explores this topic further, demonstrating practical examples of simulation applications at work, and the measurable ROI that the companies have experienced.

Democratization: Accessibility
NAFEMS Webinar Series: 4 of 4
Most existing general-purpose simulation tools are bound to a user’s desktop. While some of these tools are now being made available on the Cloud, this process has been slow to gain traction. Simulation applications are beginning to make their appearance on both internal and external/public Cloud platforms, allowing users to access these simple-to-use apps easily from anywhere. This webinar demonstrates practical examples of simulation apps accessible on the Cloud, and the ROI that the companies have experienced.

Lights-Out Product Development Automation at Intel Corporation
Guest speaker Mr. Michael Eckblad from Intel Corporation, addresses breakthrough advances in “Lights-Out” Product Development Automation through the use of customized, web-enabled SimApps.