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Success Stories

Comet and its partners have helped customers in many industries around the world to streamline engineering processes and to “simplify the complex process of engineering product systems” using Comet SimApps and Intelligent Simulation Automation Templates.  Below are a few of these successes.


“Using Comet's automation templates for driveline NVH calculations, we are expecting $130,000 of annual savings at a single engineering site. More importantly, Comet's templates enforce best practice and consistency across all the engineering organizations that run the same calculations.”

Dr. Glen Steyer, Executive Director of Product Engineering, American Axle & Manufacturing

"Comet has enabled us to automate very complex analysis tasks enabling significant (months to days) reduction in time-to-decision for product design teams. Equally important is the ability of the Template-based automation approach to be combined with simple web forms to create SimApps. SimApps allow non-specialists to safely execute analysis and make decisions without the involvement of an analysis expert."

Michael "Zack" Eckblad, Senior Engineer, Intel

"What we did without experts in an hour, using Comet's automation templates, would normally take our experts a week. Comet has the potential to be an integral and enabling part of all simulation activities at Magna Cosma, globally."

Sree Anandavally, CAE Manager, Magna Cosma

"Trade studies using the Comet process are completed in 8 hours which previously took 6 to 8 weeks of time. This is dramatically faster evaluation cycle time to tell us what changes are needed in the design."

Tory Scola, Team Lead Thermal/CAD, NASA Langley Research Center

“The Comet-enabled process allows an interdisciplinary analysis that formerly took several days or weeks to perform to be completed in a single day. The savings in cost and schedule, due to this dramatic 50% reduction in design evaluation cycle time, were substantial given that six different integrated analyses were required to complete this work.”

Dr. David Thomas, previously Senior Project Engineer, The Aerospace Corporation

"We compressed a 3 to 10 week design evaluation process to just 1 to 2 weeks for up to 80% time savings. Comet transforms the role of simulation in product development, radically increasing the value it offers."

Michael Patterson, Manager, System Simulation and Test, General Dynamics Land Systems

"Template-based analysis processes mean much higher engineering productivity and confidence in simulation results, with fewer staff and lower expertise required. We plan to use Comet as the integration platform across all engineering work."

Sun Bangcheng, Chief Engineer, Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd



“Comet’s unique and novel process automation platform will allow FEA to deliver more robust and complex engineering SimApp’s to our customers, allowing strategic value to be realized in a matter of days and weeks as opposed to months and years.”

Juan Betts, FEA Managing Director

"Comet brings to AweSim a rapid application authoring capability. It also provides truly robust applications, which can readily be used across a range of geometries, thus making Comet-based SimApps highly practical for Cloud usage."

Alan Chalker, OSC Director of AweSim

“Our customers ask us to deliver solutions for efficiency and automation but the customization has been too costly and time consuming. Comet gives us a toolkit approach to rapidly build and modify these applications. We are excited how Comet as a SimApps development platform will grow our business.”