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Revolution in Simulation

Welcome to this new, freely-accessible public web portal. This web portal serves as a resource for all materials related to the creation and use of Simulation Apps as a tool to bring complex simulation safely and robustly into the hands of everyone who needs it!

Forward thinking companies are embracing Simulation Apps to gain measurable improvements to innovation, development time, and related product quality. Leveraging SimApps allows companies to work with dispersed departments, suppliers and partners confident that they will maintain control, that standards will be enforced and data consistency will be maintained, and also ensuring that the results of the analyses will be valid.

The CAE experts at these companies rapidly embed their expertise into these SimApps and validate them. With these easy-to-use, solution-specific Simulation Apps, junior engineers and others in product development teams who are not experts in the underlying simulation tools can now safely and robustly run sophisticated simulations, achieving the promise of Simulation-Driven Design within time and budget constraints.

In the companies that have reaped significant ROI from this approach, there is no longer a question of whether SimApps are essential. While the experts continue to use and need powerful, general-purpose simulation tools, everyone else in the organization who needs to run simulations are now able to leverage their expertise using SimApps – the simulation experts are no longer the bottleneck in the design process.

This is a Revolution in Simulation and we are excited to be a part of it. 

From Papers, Feature Articles and Blog Posts to Presentations, Webinars and Customer Successes, Comet provides background and educational materials to help you learn more about SimApps and the measurable results being delivered.  Choose from the menu on the left to read and see more.

We encourage end-users, industry analysts and software providers to contribute relevant material to this freely-accessible, public web portal by contacting us at this email address