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Abstract Engineering Model (AEM®)

The Comet SimApp Authoring Workspace is built on the core concept of an Abstract Engineering Model (AEM™) that lets engineers define a complete product system by combining component and subsystem models at virtually any model fidelity into a single parametric, multidisciplinary and multi-physics model. In Comet’s Intelligent Templates, this abstract engineering model allows the experts to capture their best practices (simulation rules) in Intelligent Templates using the Functional Architecture of the product family, rather than by using geometry and topology of the CAD design. This is important, as the resulting templates work robustly across significant geometry and topology (design) changes, as well as over the entire product family.

Simplifying the Complex Process of Engineering “Product Systems”

Engineers and customers think of products in terms of basic functional engineering terms.  Axles, control arms, loaders, and revolute joints are descriptive terms that every engineer understands – these concepts do not imply geometry or shape, but imply engineering function or behavior.  “C-Bush elements”, “Spider Joints”, and “MNF files” are not intuitive, yet this is the vocabulary that CAE analysts deal with every day in their CAE models and try to explain them to their colleagues. The end result is that general-purpose CAE software is used only by the experts – non-experts cannot use these complex software interfaces to perform simulations.

Representing over 100 man-years of innovative software development, the AEM™ establishes a single functional model for a product system that is “abstracted” from the details of CAD, FEA, Multibody Dynamics, CFD, and other tools that require deep knowledge of the unique and complex ways these tools refer to and represent the components and functionality of your product.  Instead, the Abstract Engineering Model allows your teams to use their collective knowledge to collaborate on your product design and validate it in a more natural and intuitive (engineering-centric) manner.

Comet’s AEM® unlocks the power of 3 key capabilities that help to simplify the complex process of engineering product systems:

CAE Automation

Intelligent Templates

Multidisciplinary (MD) Collaboration