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Intelligent Templates

Using Comet’s Abstract Engineering Model (AEM™), engineers can create simulation templates that embed the knowledge and best practices of the CAE experts, with minimal programming or scripting.  Templates enable the automation of tedious and repetitive modeling tasks – for example, updating the mesh and boundary conditions when the geometry or topology changes radically.

An even more powerful benefit of these Intelligent Templates is deploying the expert knowledge and best practices to less experienced engineers using web-deployed SimApps™ – with these SimApps, non-experts can run Comet Templates and the underlying CAD and CAE programs, without needing any expertise in using them.  Pushing CAE to the front of the product development process and enabling designers to safely and robustly perform complex analysis eliminates rework and provides highly skilled analysts more time to optimize product designs.

For example, American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM), has been using Comet Intelligent Templates to automate a number of their simulation processes in various CAE divisions. Using these templates, the expert analysts have embedded their knowledge and best practices for reuse by non-experts, globally. While continuing to grow their stable of Comet automation processes, AAM has already reported significant ROI from their use of these templates, including efficiency improvements, global enforcement of best practices, and simulation data consistency.
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Another Comet customer, General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) models military tanks to evaluate their functional performance without building physical prototypes.  Using traditional CAE tools, they face a time-consuming and error prone iterative process to develop and validate designs.  They need to be able to evaluate both small, incremental variations in design and major topological changes, such as the number of road wheels on the vehicle.  Whereas this kind of change could not easily be accommodated using script-based or “PIDO” (Process Integration & Design Optimization) style automation, the Comet intelligent template, based on the AEM®, enables them to run a multidisciplinary analysis with CAD, Control Systems, Dynamics, and Finite Element analysis.  Their system model allows them to make small or large changes, including topology, without breaking down, and enables their engineering team to easily evaluate the impact of such changes on performance requirements.
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