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CAE Automation

CAE Automation Accelerates Design Space Exploration

The Abstract Engineering Model (AEM®) allows us to build a single template that can be used to evaluate every design variant that we consider – even when the design changes radically.  Key performance indicators are computed and automatically assembled into a summary report, saving valuable time.  Perhaps even more important is the fact that templates can be deployed to designers and other personnel who lack the experience that would normally be required to use sophisticated CAE tools.  Analysis becomes a core capability of the company, rather than a corporate service delivered by one or two people (the CAE “experts”)  who become a bottleneck in the process of getting products to market fast.  By using intelligent templates to streamline the design and analysis process, we can evaluate more design alternatives to improve product performance and quality.

Comet’s SimApps are simple-to-use, web-deployable Simulation Apps that drive the underlying Comet automation templates, allowing experts and non-experts alike to safely and robustly run complex simulations.