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Web Deployable SimApps

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE or simulation) software has had tremendous impact on nearly every industry that designs and builds products – but it has still not lived up to its potential to improve the business of engineering.  The time and devotion required to learn and use the tools often result in engineers who know more about CAE tools than the products their companies manufacture.

Comet’s SimApps embed expertise into web-deployable applications that enable engineers and designers to focus on their products rather than the tools, without compromising the power of advanced CAE.

Deploying SimApps on the web has many benefits:

  • Deploy complex, but highly important simulations to a broad spectrum of people with widely varying degrees of technical expertise, with confidence, knowing they are using best practices developed and validated by the experts.
  • “Anytime, anywhere” access to SimApps featuring easy to use, intuitive user environment
  • Ability to embed and automatically enforce best practices – simply by running SimApps, users are following best practices.
  • Reduced IT costs, while providing access to centralized “Cloud” computing hardware and software services.
  • Standardization of nomenclature across a global organization, automated results extraction and report generation, and simplified management of product-related results data.

See more examples of SimApps developed by Comet and its partners. These SimApps apply across a wide range of industries and application areas.

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