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    Announcement: Comet Solutions Highlighted in Desktop Engineering

    Comet Solutions® is featured in an article entitled, “The ‘Appification’ of Simulation” written by Kenneth Wong.  In the April 2015 article, Comet CTO Malcolm Panthaki discusses the Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace.

    “The sole purpose of Comet Workspace from Comet Solutions is to rapidly and easily create automation templates, according to Malcolm Panthaki, founder and CTO of Comet Solutions. “While templates have been around for a while, they required a lot of scripting and programming, making them expensive to create and maintain,” he says. “The Comet Workspace is designed to create templates graphically, with a minimal amount of scripting.”

    “Comet’s library of SimApps™ range from simple to highly-complex models. For example, a Driveline SimApp™ is described as, “A single environment for axle system design that allows quick and easy evaluation of any axle geometry, without the manual effort.” Its Electro-Optical Sensor SimApp lets you conduct integrated structural, thermal and optical performance analysis on space-borne EO sensors. Its Socket Stack Assembly SimApp™ is used by Intel to perform complex socket chip stack analysis using Abaqus.

    “Vendors and customers have been creating these vertical apps for a long time, but they often only work across a small range of the design space. Using abstract modeling, Comet’s templates can work across geometry and topology changes, across an entire family of products that shares a common functional architecture. This is important — if the range of utility of a template is narrow, as is often the case today, then the template is not very useful,” Panthaki says.

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