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    Announcement: Ora Research Publishes NVH SimApp™ Whitepaper

    Bruce Jenkins, Principal Analyst at Ora Research LLC, has authored a new whitepaper detailing how American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) has applied a Comet Driveline SimApp™  to achieve dramatic productivity gains and cost savings.

    Jenkins interviewed Glen Steyer, AAM’s Executive Director of Product Engineering while developing the whitepaper.  AAM reports major benefits from the new tool:

    • Average 75% time reduction for each analysis iteration.
    • Approximately $130,000 in annual cost savings at a single engineering site.
    • Improved quality through globally enforced standards and practices which remove human error.
    • Ability to run many more NVH analysis iterations, leading to more design decisions, earlier.
    • Ability to redeploy resources as less experienced engineers are now able to safely run simulations.

    AAM was so impressed that it now plans to deploy the NVH Driveline SimApp at its China and India engineering sites, then implement additional Comet Driveline SimApps to cover its entire CAE process including gear systems analysis and strength/stiffness calculations. Beyond the time reduction in analysis iterations, Steyer sees great strategic benefit in using Comet SimApps to make simulation experts’ knowledge more broadly available across engineering teams – as well as to help “forward-deploy” simulation to the earliest stages of product development, where it can have deep impact on innovation at the product architecture level.

    To download the complete whitepaper, please provide us with your contact information.

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