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Comet has entered into distribution agreements with partners whose deep CAE experience, services capabilities and commitment to customer success make them ideally suited to deliver design automation solutions based on Comet software. We are committed to expand the global availability of our solutions through the ongoing development of strategic partnerships.


Romax and Comet have extended their development partnership, with Romax now securing the rights to supply Comet SimApps to its customers. Our customers want to see the whole stack working, and this new arrangement enables Romax and Comet to work together as closely as needed during an engagement for the design automation flow to be fully captured and validated. From the work that Romax and Comet are doing together in the driveline simulation community, it is clear that far sighted organisations are ready to embrace process automation.
— Dan Poon, Head of Partners, Romax Technology

“Comet brings to AweSim a rapid application authoring capability.  It also
provides truly robust applications, which can readily be used across a range of geometries, thus making Comet-based SimApps highly practical for Cloud usage.”
— Alan Chalker, OSC Director of AweSim

“Comet’s unique and novel process automation platform will allow FEA to deliver more robust and complex engineering SimApp’s to our customers, allowing strategic value to be realized in a matter of days and weeks as opposed to months and years.”
— Juan Betts, FEA Managing Director

“Our customers ask us to deliver solutions for efficiency and automation but the customization has been too costly and time consuming. Comet gives us a toolkit approach to rapidly build and modify these applications. We are excited how Comet as a SimApps development platform will grow our business.”






We have cultivated technical and marketing partnerships with a number of CAE, CAD and PLM solutions providers whose products are supported within the Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace.  Comet provides adapters for a growing number of leading commercial software packages as well as for many custom in-house codes. We continue to develop and incorporate new adapters upon the request of our customers.