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At a Glance

  • Founded in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 2001, now with offices across the US, and in China and India.
  • Our core mission is to rapidly provide engineering simulation apps (SimApps™) that solve customers’ needs for Intelligent Simulation Automation.
  • We are a recognized leader in bringing safe and robust simulation to a wider universe of users on the desktop and via the Cloud, using these SimApps.
  • We offer the industry’s only vendor-neutral process automation platform purpose-built for CAE/simulation, with an underlying data model that captures simulation model data from systems models to full 3-D models.


Organizations today face increasing pressure to meet the competing challenges of reducing costs and time-to-market while improving product quality.  Upfront simulation-driven design is widely acknowledged as the key to achieving these, and similar, business goals.  Employing simulation in the early stages of new product development (prior to significant time and cost investments) delivers essential insights into which design concepts best meet customer requirements.

However, manufacturing organizations face many formidable barriers to achieving the benefits of simulation-driven design or model-based engineering, including:

  • complex physics (simulation) tools that function only in their own disciplines with dependency on 3-D CAD tools,
  • overly complex geometry not suitable for use by engineering analysts (significant time spent preparing geometry for analysis), and
  • the high level of expertise required to “safely” execute today’s simulation tools and processes.


For 15 years, the mission of Comet Solutions has been to develop and deploy unique, next-generation product performance simulation technology and services, enabling our customers to develop more innovative and reliable products…faster. Comet’s SimApps, driving Intelligent (simulation) Templates created using our unique Authoring Workspace, are a disruptive solution to these issues, allowing everyone in the product development organization to safely and robustly perform complex simulations, not just the simulation experts. This has transformed their product development process, increasing efficiency significantly, while ensuring simulation process and data consistency across globally-distributed teams that often use disparate CAE tools.

The Comet SimApp™ Authoring Workspace is an integrated environment to help the experts rapidly build, analyze, and optimize the Intelligent (simulation) Templates that are at the core of SimApps. SimApps consist of a simple-to-use, web-deployed front end (GUI) which gathers minimal data from a user and then sends these data to a simulation template. The template then runs the required calculations using the pre-specified CAD and CAE software.

For example, an engineer might wish to answer the following question: what is the energy absorbed by an automotive bumper beam when it crashes head on against an IIHS barrier at 10 mph. One SimApp might answer this question rapidly, using simple calculations programmed into an Excel spreadsheet, while another SimApp might take a lot longer to provide a much more accurate and detailed answer, in glorious 3-D and in color, using complex finite element calculations that the user of the SimApp knows nothing about! The SimApp would present key results back to the user in an automatically-generated report, in the language of the user.

Comet’s SimApps enable our customers to:

  • Automate modeling & simulation tasks to enable “what if?” studies (automated Design Space Exploration)
  • Evaluate the impact of design changes, including swapping out components and entire subsystems
  • Encapsulate and globally enforce modeling & simulation “best practices”
  • Deploy these best practices to non-experts, allowing them to safely and robustly perform simulations
  • Facilitate more effective collaboration within and between silo’ed design & engineering teams


Current simulation template development methods are centered around a great deal of programming and scripting. This makes templates expensive and time-consuming to create and modify. Furthermore, these templates often break down when the design changes by much and do not work across a product family.

Comet’s SimApp Authoring Workspace facilitates the rapid development of simulation templates – what once could take weeks, months or years, can now be done, with minimal programming and scripting, in days or weeks, including validation of the models. In addition, these Comet templates and their underlying expert rules are graphically depicted. Making them easy to create, understand, and modify. Also, these templates capture the expert rules based on the functional architecture of the product family, ensuring the simulation can be safely and robustly executed across significant design changes and even across the entire product family.

Finally, using Comet’s SimApps, you can ensure simulation data consistency across your globally-distributed team, significantly reducing the amount of time and money spent dealing with errors that arise out of your current, highly-manual process.