SimApps™ Improve “Product Systems”

Every product – from o-ring to aircraft – is a multi-discipline system.  Using SimApps™ powered by the Comet Abstract Engineering Model (AEM®), engineers in nearly every industry are working together to evaluate system level trade-offs quickly and easily with their favorite CAE tools, resulting in less engineering rework, lower product development costs, and better products.

Driveline SimApp™

Drivelines are complicated automotive systems that include clutches, gearing, and rotating shafts.  The advanced CAE tools and methods required to design them is usually limited to expert CAE analysts…click here to learn how the Comet Driveline SimApp™ helps enable teams of engineers and designers to easily analyze driveline systems.

Electronics Reliability SimApp™

Phones, computers, tablets, and all of our favorite devices are thermal design nightmares. Click here to learn how Comet can accelerate their design and make it easy even for inexperienced engineers to analyze and improve their reliability with FEA.

“EO” Sensor SimApp™

Keeping an electro-optic (EO) sensor in focus is a major engineering challenge when even slight temperature changes of the lenses, mirrors, and support structure in an optical bench can adversely affect image quality. In space, where thermal environments are extreme and final adjustments to flawed designs are nearly impossible, the problem is even more extreme.