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  • Gearbox SimApps™

    SimApps empower gearbox product development teams while providing feedback to the engineering team for refinement of future designs. Engineers with no CAE expertise can now run complex simulations!

  • Driveline SimApp™

    Advanced tools and methods required for driveline design is usually limited to expert CAE analysts. Comet’s Driveline SimApp™ enables teams of engineers and designers to easily perform driveline NVH calculations.

  • Electronics Reliability SimApp™

    Phones, computers, tablets, and similar devices are thermal design nightmares. Learn how Comet accelerates design and allows even inexperienced engineers to analyze and improve reliability with FEA.

  • Optical Sensor Analysis SimApp™

    Space-Borne EO sensors are highly sensitive instruments that must survive the harsh environments of launch and of space. This automation process lets you go from weeks to a day when performing complex multi-physics STOP analysis of a sensor.

  • Plastic Container SimApp™

    The Plastic Container SimApp allows product engineers to evaluate the maximum sustained top load of a plastic container. Simply provide your CAD model and evaluate its performance – no CAE expertise required!

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  • Simulation for Everyone!

    In this educational webinar hosted by, Malcolm Panthaki makes the case for the use of SimApps to bring complex simulation safely and robustly in the hands of everyone who needs it, including those who have no expertise using general-purpose CAE tools.

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Simulation for Everyone!

Innovation, reliability, and time-to-market remain the biggest challenges to new product development. Our simulation automation technology allows our customers to “Democratize Simulation” across global product development teams. This significantly advances product quality and innovation, while accelerating development cycles. Comet’s SimApps™ empower everyone in the product development organization, not just CAE experts, to perform complex simulations efficiently, safely and accurately.

Gearbox Bearings Stiffness Calculator SimApp

“A common practice to reduce computational time is for CAE engineers is to use a single 6×6 stiffness matrix to represent bearings when performing complex,...
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NASA Langley Research Center

Trade studies using the Comet process

Simulation for Everyone

Simulation is complicated, limiting it to a group of experts. However, democratization of CAE would improve a product’s development cycle