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  • A Hidden Goldmine


    Find Untapped Value in Modeling & Simulation Investments, and Ways to Unlock it

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    June 1st, at 10 am EST or 2 pm EST

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    Gaining a Competitive Edge in Packaging Using Simulation and SimApps™

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    June 2nd, 11:00 AM (EST)

  • New Frontiers in Product Modeling & Simulation

    How are American-Axle, NASA, Intel and others leveraging the expertise of their most experienced analysts? Democratization is having a measurable impact on development time, quality, and innovation.

  • Electronics Reliability SimApp™

    Phones, computers, tablets, and similar devices are thermal design nightmares. Learn how Comet accelerates design and allows even inexperienced engineers to analyze and improve reliability with FEA.

  • Gearbox SimApps™

    SimApps empower gearbox product development teams while providing feedback to the engineering team for refinement of future designs. Engineers with no CAE expertise can now run complex simulations!

  • Simulation for Everyone!

    In this educational webinar hosted by, Malcolm Panthaki makes the case for the use of SimApps to bring complex simulation safely and robustly in the hands of everyone who needs it, including those who have no expertise using general-purpose CAE tools.

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Rack & Pinion Steering SimApp™

Automotive components must pass rigorous tests to ensure they meet all requirements for packaging, performance, safety and cost. Many of these components are complex assemblies...
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Intel® Corp.

Comet Solutions has enabled us to automate very complex analysis tasks enabling significant (months to days) reduction in time-to-decision for product design teams.   Equally important...

Simulation for Everyone

Simulation is complicated, limiting it to a group of experts. However, democratization of CAE would improve a product’s development cycle